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Heatsink Manufactures and Suppliers in Pune - Sourcewell Technologies Pvt Ltd

We would like to introduce our self as a Heat Sink manufacturer based in Pune. We manufacture wide range of heatsink in various sizes & designs to cover the area of applications like telecommunications, electrical, automotive, military, medical, and electronics industries, and many more

A heatsink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device to a fluid medium, often air or a liquid coolant, where it is dissipated away from the device, thereby allowing regulation of the device’s temperature.

A heat sink is designed to maximize its surface area in contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air. Air velocity, choice of material, protrusion design and surface treatment are factors that affect the performance of a heat sink.

Heat sinks are usually made from aluminium or copper.

Aluminium Heat Sinks

Aluminium is the most common material for heat sinks. In particular, extruded aluminium heat sinks fit the needs of most projects. The metal is lightweight and has relatively good thermal conductivity.

Copper Heat Sinks

Copper has even better thermal conductivity than aluminium. The metal is sometimes used where the importance of thermal conductivity outweighs weight savings.

Our manufacturing Capacity

  • Sizes:
    Width: Any width up to 600 mm Length: up to 1000mm Height: up to 250mm Fin thickness: 0.5 mm – 6mm
  • Customized CNC machining (drilling and tapping, milling) can be provided for mounting components.


Fin efficiency

Fin efficiency is one of the parameters which makes a higher thermal conductivity material important. A fin of a heat sink may be considered to be a flat plate with heat flowing in one end and being dissipated into the surrounding fluid as it travels to the other.

Extruded Heatsinks

The majority of heat sinks are made from extruded aluminium. The process is useful for most applications. Extruded heat sinks come at a low cost and with custom specifications can be easily manufactured. The performance of extruded heat sinks can range from low to high. 

The cost effective option, highly automated, extruded heat sinks are typically aluminium and allow the manufacturer to produce the fins and base as one continuous part.

Bonded Heat Sinks

These are normally used for applications that require large-sized heat sinks. One benefit of these is that the base material and fin material can be different. Also, a combination of aluminium and copper fins can be used instead of just one fin material. This allows you to improve thermal performance while adding a minimal amount of weight. 

For large amount of heat dissipation in small areas, conventional heat sink design fails to perform. Bonded fin heatsinks are precisely made to eliminate this drawbacks of regular heatsinks.

Dual Base Bonded Heat Sinks

This type of bonded Heat sink provides dual mounting surface, maximizing space utilization. This can be used for smaller & compact assemblies. 

This types of heat sink can be customize as per requirement.